A Gentleman’s Quarrel

012 World's Fair Bazaar.jpg

You’ve finally arrived in Paris, bustling with excitement and packed with visitors from around the globe. The World’s Fair begins tomorrow, showcasing the greatest cultural and technical marvels of the nineteenth century!

Alas, you’ll have little time to absorb the wondrous sights as you are here to answer the advertisement seeking the greatest duelist, to be celebrated at a special festival in a few days’ time. You can almost see the adoration and respect of the crowds now, your fame bringing you great wealth, power, respect…

...And yet you find yourself perturbed; nay, incensed by the insolent brutes you’ve heard whispers of during your travels, daring to make spurious claims to this most coveted title. A title, which, by all rights, plainly belongs to you. No matter… you shall not suffer these fools any longer. You are ready to prove your status as the greatest duelist on Earth - in the Cosmos, even! - and you shall meet these offensive assertions head on. You DEMAND satisfaction!

A Gentleman’s Quarrel is an upcoming deckbuilding game for 2-5 players. You control a world-renowned duelist who has come to prove themselves at the World’s Fair at the end of the 19th Century. The object of the game is to build up your deck and duel your opponents in dice-based combat, earning satisfaction tokens when you are victorious. The game ends when there are no more satisfaction tokens in the pool - have the most to be declared the winner!


A Gentleman’s Quarrel is currently undergoing external play-testing and further development. Our goal is to bring AGQ to Kickstarter in 2020! Contact us if you have questions about the game or would like to play-test or preview A Gentleman’s Quarrel!